Promoting Self-Confidence Through Learning
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Bloom & Grow

Bloom & Grow began as a science camp in the late 90's in my own backyard. A real-life Mrs. Frizzle, my mother curated summer enrichment programs around the Magic School Bus story books. Fast forward to 2014, Bloom & Grow is planting roots in San Francisco! Through interacting with our own urban backyard, children will be encouraged to ask big questions, get dirty and not be afraid of their ideas.  San Francisco is fertile land full of opportunity to connect to not only our natural world but to our neighbors. 


At Bloom & Grow we know it takes a village to get anything done, especially in this day and age. A community can be as small as our immediate family or as big as our global community.  We are inviting our neighbors and children to come together to support not only one another but their community. Our hope is that by incorporating enrichment through community involvement at a young age will produce successful, social thinking individuals.


Krista Hutchens